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Let’s talk about the environment. Has man always lived in harmony with nature?

To tell the truth, since time immemorial the human species has been battling to survive. Man has killed animals (without thinking of the consequences) burnt down forests in order to till (возделывать) the land. Now with the advancement in technology this devastation has been accelerated. It’s a pity but man has never been “a noble savage” (благородный дикарь). Archaeology proves the opposite. The spread of the Sahara, the demise of thousands of animal species, the blighting of some seas all can be blamed on human activity millennia ago. As a result people face a lot of ecological problems which are the result and the consequence of human activity.

What are the most important environmental issues?

There are many of them and they are all interdependent. There are different types of pollution: air, water and noise pollution. Radioactive contamination is a form of pollution. Nuclear plants are very hazardous. Take Chernobyl and Fukushima for example, so nuclear waste as well as all types of waste are a huge issue. There is the issue of resource depletion, including the problem of deforestation, especially in tropical areas. Deforestation destroys environmental balance and reduces biodiversity. More and more animals and plant species are becoming extinct. Here we are dealing with another environmental issue: conservation. One of the most dramatic of the issues is climate change: as a result global warming, the depletion of the ozone layer (shield), acid rain. The mankind deals with a lot of environmental problems which must be solved urgently.

What questions would you ask a British teenager about environmental problems in the UK?

I wonder what issues are the most vital in your country.

It’s interesting to know what environmental organizations exist in your country.

I’d like to know if you participate in any “green events”.

What advice would you give how to protect the environment?

In my view to change the situation some special programs should be worked out. Special campaigns should be organized, for example Smoke Control Orders should be introduced in dirty cities and areas. The factories and plants should be redesigned and modified.

The amount of waste should be reduced, the best way out is to recycle it as in an English proverb “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. The amount of waste is the air should be reduced by trapping harmful substances released in the air with smoke or purify them by special filters (1). The environmental issues should be the matter of great concern for everyone, not only the government or somebody else’s (1). Deforestation must be stopped, alternative renewable energy sources must be developed. Chemicals in plastics must be banned.

V. What are your ideas about some “green events”?

I think no one should be indifferent. We can contribute doing the following: to plant greenery, to protect trees, plants in parks and yards, to collect rubbish, “a lot of little litterers make big problems”. Everyone must remember: when you throw – you pollute.

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Let’s talk about the environment. Has man always lived in harmony with nature? What are the most important environmental issues? What questions would you ask a British teenager about environmental problems in the UK? What advice would you give how to protect the environment? What are your ideas about some “green events”?

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