Дисциплина «Иностранный язык (английский)»

Дисциплина «Иностранный язык (английский)»

2014/15 учебный год

Вопросы по страноведению

Who were the first inhabitants of the British Isles?

What is Stonehenge?

Who were the first Celtic comers?

Who gave the name to the whole country?

To what period do historians attribute the origin of London?

What were the interests of Julius Caesar in the British Isles?

Why did Roman Britain disappear?

With what period is the Name of King Arthur associated?

What were features of Saxon civilization?

How did Christians arrive in England?

Who were "Norsemen"?

What made the basis of English?

What brought William the Conqueror to England?

When was feudalism established in England? Its peculiarities

When did the Plantagenet dynasty come to the throne?

Who were Crusaders?

Who was Richard the Lion heart? Who was John the Lackland?

What was Magna Carta?

What were the Wars of the Roses?

Who is called father of English literature?

Who was the founder of the monarchy?

What policy did England gradually develop?

When was the Privy Council formally constituted?

What sort of body were Justices of the Peace?

What was "Reformation"?

What was the result of the Reformation in England?

When did the reconciliation with Rome take place?

What was particular about Elizabethan England?

Who were puritans?

What is known as the Authorized Version or King James’ Bible? How did it appear? (1611) What caused its publication? What was the reaction to it on the part of puritans? Catholics?

What was called the Personal Rule (1629-1640)?

When was the constitutional monarchy established?

When did the Civil war begin? What caused it?

What were the groups within the Parliament? How did they differ?

What was known as the Rump Parliament? (1649)

What was the highest point of the Bourgeois Revolution?

Who were Nonconformists?

When did the 2-party system turn up?

What is known as the Glorious Revolution?

What colonial policy did England pursue in the 18th century?

When did the United Colonies of America turn into the United States of America?

What revolutionary changes took place in industry in the 18th century?

What is typical of the 18th century innovations?

What sort of movement was "United Irishmen"?

What reforms were pursued by the Tory government in the 30ies of the 19-th century?

What were the objectives of the Chartist movement?

What wars were waged by Britain in the middle of the 19-th century?

What problem did Ireland pose?

How did the British Empire develop?

What was typical of social life in Victorian Britain?

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Вопросы по страноведению

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